Bicycle Commuting: Tailfin Rack for the Ultra Roadie

Video by Tailfin first seen on the Radavist

Tailfin is rethinking how cyclist commute and whether you think that needs to be done or not I applaud them for their effort. Ask anyone and they will tell you there is usually a stark contrast between your lycra clad roadie and your earth hugging rack loaded everyday commuter. Unfortunately, this leads to many road racers, club racers or just roadies not commuting due to the lack of the "race look" or they just wear a backpack; which in my opinion is the absolute worst way to commute. You get twice as sweaty when you arrive to work and you don't feel agile on the bike. This is the most sure fire way to turn someone off from commuting.

Watch the full video at Tailfin's kickstarter page and you understand the niche they are trying to fill.  At $254 for the rack, proprietary skewer and one pannier; I am not sure it is a luxury I would afford, but with that said I can see catering to the high end road warrior who spend $5-$10 grand on a bike. $250-$300 may not be cost prohibitive to get you commuting to work. The design seems very well thought out and their appears to be more than enough room to get your essentials to work.

I am excited to start seeing more people commuting using these Tailfin racks