Beautiful Bicycle: Tim Neenan Designed Specialized Sequoia

Beautiful Bicycle: Tim Neenan Designed Specialized Sequoia

Specialized recently re-designed the Sequoia with the eye of Erik Nohlin and others to try to fit within the "adventure" cycling niche.  If you haven't been following this blog you may have not read that I have been a fan of E's work and design for sometime.

The early to mid 2000's for the Sequoia in my opinion might have been the low point for it's design. Let's face it, the long standing Sequoia brand needed a face lift. Starting with the AWOL as a jump off point, Erik designed the the Sequoia into a capable S24, Gravel Grinder, All-Road or whatever fits your fancy. If you missed the ride-recap, James put his AWOL to the test and inspired us all on his overnight to Pima Butte. The Radavist did an excellent job covering the Sequoia Lauch.

Erik used Tim Neenan's original Sequoia design as inspiration with the original slogan of "Thousand decisions properly made" to help drive the re-design. With all the focus on the re-designed Sequoia I wanted to look back at the original Sequoia and one that had been sitting in my collection.

The original Sequoia's were built by none other than Yoshi Konno at 3Rensho. These lugged bikes have a unique design with long thin lugs and fastback stays. The fully chromed frame lends itself to longevity and the original logos signify the early years of Specialized. If you go to the Specialized Museum they have Mike Sinyard's original Sequoia hanging.

Enjoy the gallery and feel free to add any knowledge in the comments section below.