Featured Item: Ultegra 6500 Brake Calipers

What's one inexpensive upgrade that can really increase the stopping power and look on your bike? The Shimano Ultegra Brake Calipers are a beautiful piece of engineering. Shimano decreased the weight from the 6400 to the 6500 series significantly. I prefer these over the Dura Ace 7700 brakes even though they are a few grams heavier the logo really pops and the polished aluminum surface never dull.

These weight in at ~ 345 grams, although maybe not weight weenie material, they get the job done well plus they last. They are only 10 grams heavier than the 10 speed 6600 series which is negligible in my opinion. Many other brand brakes the anodizing or logos fade or just don't have the stopping power but these get the job done and are a great no-nonsense option.

These usually go quickly in the store but are one of the items we have in stock most often and I believe at a reasonable price. Three sets were just posted and were gone within the week. Check the brake section of the store for new updates.