Featured Item: Vintage Shimano Dura Ace Crankset

Vintage Dura Ace parts hold a special place in many hearts. Whether you are building up your dream bike of your younger years or wanting to put together a L'Eroica inspired ride. Some think the looks of the 8 Speed 7410 Dura Ace group is unrivaled.

I recently picked up a early 90's Complete 7410 8 Speed Dura Ace group in Mint condition. Many times the shifters will be stuck, the deraillers gouged and the crank logos missing. The 7410 group was the last group using square taper bottom brackets before introducing the 9 speed Octalink. 

These cranks have a beautiful silhouette but unfortunately the laser printed logos are known to fade and run off quickly. This is the nicest set I have seen in person. The Chain Rings have low use and the logos are both still intact. The non-drive side does have some fading but not bad. And the Titanium bolts and dust covers are still in Mint condition.

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