Industry: 10th Edition Shimano Dura Ace R9100

Shimano finally unveiled their tease with an all new Shimano Dura Ace: R9100 their 10th edition of Shimano Dura Ace. Did they go wireless to compete with SRAM ETAP? Not yet, but DI2 is getting an update with an integrated Junction Box in the handlebar end or in your frame. Read more of my updates or watch the video from GCN for a better overview.

My favorite update? The all Black look from the previous mixed silver/charcoal/black. The Rear Derailleur is moving to a Shadow Version similar to their mountain bike derailleurs which allows the main Pivot to move backwards making it inboard and aerodynamic as well as protecting it from Crashes. Maybe the biggest advantage of the new Shadow feeature is an added clearance max of 30-32T cassette.

The Oversized Crank with integrated Power Meter Option looks like Carbon but remains Metal and they are still running Hollowtech II compatibility which is nice that we don't have another competing Bottom Bracket Interface.

It seems braking is moving to Disc even though it hasn't caught onto the Pro Circuit yet. I am still on the fence and like my calipers on my road bikes. The Brake Caliper version has increased clearance and stiffness, while the Disc Version is light as you would come to expect from Dura Ace and has added disc clearance at the pads for easier and quicker wheel changes.

If you like Hydraulic Discs but didn't like the look of the over sized shifter, Shimano made it a priority to redesign the internals to have a similar look and feel of the mechanical version. There is more reach adjustability and the lever throw for shifting is shortened.

What does this mean for me personally? Not much, as the price will be out of my budget but interesting to see the changes for the future.

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